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Andrea Bacigalupi
Avenida Jose Felix Bogado 2435
CP 1614 , Asuncion - Paraguay - Paraguay

Phone: (+595) 21-311282
Cellular: (+595) 985-511897

Fax: (+595) 21-311286

Full country name:
Republic of Paraguay 
406,752 km2 (157,048 sq. mi)
Approx. 6.8 million 
Major Industries:
Agriculture and cattle, cement, food processing, forestry, textiles, timber products, vegetable oil refining

Paraguay is one of the finest examples of natural wealth and biological resources that still remain in the world. The well-defined cultural and social background and the hospitality of its inhabitants, guarantees a pleasant stay in this lovely country.


Paraguay is a Mediterranean country, surrounded by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. It is also known as "The Heart of America" due to its geographical location. The Paraguay River, divides the country into two contrasting regions, the Western region, or Chaco and the Oriental region. The Great Chaco is part of a great plain which extends from the East up to Bolivia towards the Northwest, Argentina up to the South and Brazil towards the Northeast. Pastures, plains and bushes cover most of the Chaco.

Sub-tropical weather, with abrupt temperature changes all year long. The summer - December to March - is very hot and humid. Winter - June to September - is soft with few cold days. The rainy season goes from December to March.

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