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Dominican Rep
Relocation Contact

Toni Guillen
Cl. Margarita num. 3
San Benito, Santo Domingo Oeste - Dominican Rep

Phone: (809)333-2400
Cellular: (809) 602-0102


Full country name
Dominican Republic 
Santo Domingo 
48,442 km2 (18,704 sq mi)
Approx. 10,000,000
Major Industries
Tourism, sugar processing, ferronickel and gold mining, textiles, cement, tobacco.

Located in the center of the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic is the second largest nation in the Caribbean. It occupies the eastern two-thirds of the Island of Hispaniola which it shares with the Republic of Haiti. The Dominican Republic can be reached by air in less than two hours from Miami, slightly over three hours from New York and less than an hour from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It also has the claim as the oldest city in the New World, with its quaint cobble streets and stonework houses.


Dominican Republic is situated in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, geographically between 68° 19´ and 73° 31´ west and between 17° 36´ and 19° 59´ north. It shares the island of Hispaniola or La Espanola with Haiti. The country has a shore line of 1,576 Km and a border of 488 Km with Haiti.


In spite of being a tropical country, the climate is as varied as the islands geography, varying from semiarid in the West and South of the country and extremely wet in the North and center. The average rainfall ranges from 350mm to 2,743mm per year, depending on the area. There are two rainy seasons; in the north coast the rainiest period is between November and January. For the rest of the country it is from May to November; with an average rainfall of 2,000 mm. March is the driest month in most of the country, with less than 500mm. There are, however, plenty of regional microclimates. The coasts have a tropical climate with average temperatures between 18º C and 25º C, January being the coldest month and August the hottest. Central mountains, where the weather is much cooler, can even see temperatures falling below freezing point in the winter. The hurricane season in the Caribbean begins on June 1st and lasts until November 30th.

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