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Samar Jeradi
Avenida Henri Ford, 177
Osasco, CEP: 06210-100, Sao Paulo - Brazil

Phone: (+55) 11-2802-2199
Cellular: (+55) 11-99437-1383

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Full Country Name:
Federative Republic of Brazil 
8,515,767 km2 (3,287,597 sq mi)
Iron, steel, petrochemicals, machinery, vehicles, consumer goods, cement, wood products, shipbuilding, metal products, fertilizer, textiles, clothing, paper products, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

Brazil is a Federal republic with 26 states and a federal district with an estimated 200 million inhabitants. Brazil has the largest population in Latin America and ranks fifth in the world regarding area size. The majority of people live in the south-central area, which includes the industrial cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte. Urban growth has been rapid and has aided economic development.


Located in South America, Brazil takes up nearly half of the continent's area. About 93% of Brazil’s territory is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Brazil borders Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean for about 7,367 Km.


Brazil has a mostly tropical or semitropical climate with temperate zones in the south. However, due to the country’s extension, every region has its own climate characteristics. The north is hot, rainy and humid with temperatures between 24°C and 26°C while the northeast is dry and hot with temperatures between 18°C and 26°C.The south is colder and it can even have some snow with temperatures below 20°C. The rainy season tends to be during the summer months (Dec - April); with high humidity all along the coast and heavy rainfall.

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