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Silvana Carella
Av. Luis de Camoes, Edificio Centro Clover
Piso 3, Urb. La Trinidad, Caracas, 1080 Venezuela, La Trinidad - Venezuela

Phone: (+58) 212 903 1300
Cellular: (+58) 424-447-0455


Full Country Name:
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
916,445 km2 (353,841 sq. mi)
Approx. 30 million
Major Industries:
Petroleum, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Agriculture, Banking, Tourism, Fishing, and Insurance.

Venezuela is considered a state with extremely high biodiversity, with habitats ranging from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rainforest in the south, via extensive Llanos plains and Caribbean coast in the center and the Orinoco River Delta in the east. Is a country that offers many geographical beauties. The Andean peaks are the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline in any single nation. There are relaxing offshore islands, the Amazons, wetlands filled with caimans, piranhas and anacondas  The world’s highest waterfall, Salto Angel (Angel Falls)is 979m from the top of a “tepui” or a table-top mountain in Parque Nacional Canaima. Venezuela is the world's fifth-largest oil exporter and also vast untapped reserves of natural gas. The culture of the country has been heavily influenced by cultures from around the world. 

Venezuela is located in the Northeast corner of South America .The Caribbean Sea acts as a northern boundary with the Atlantic Ocean and Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south and Colombia to the west. 

Tropical, but temperatures vary considerably with altitude. The weather is cooler from November through February. The hottest months are July and August. Caracas may have temperatures averaging 22 C (72 F), Rainy season (May to Nov).

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