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Jennifer Sprigings
26 de marzo 3293 Of. 503, 11300
Montevideo, - Uruguay

Cellular: (+598) 9445 5077

Fax: (+598) 2924 1682

Full Country Name:
Republic of Uruguay
176,215 km2 (68,037 sq. mi)
Major Industries:
Agriculture, wool, rice, textiles, leather, meat, and tourism.

Unlike many countries in South America, Uruguay’s population is derived mainly from European origin. Uruguay is a highly educated country (97.9% literacy rate, one of the highest in South America) and there is no racial or religious discrimination. Tourism is a natural avenue for Uruguay. The fashionable seaside resort of Punta Del Este is a major attraction. The growth in hotel construction and other tourist-related services contribute substantially to the domestic economy. The country is highly urbanized, with more than 87% of the population living in cities and 44.5% living in or around Montevideo.

Uruguay, one of the smallest countries in South America, is located on the Atlantic coast between Argentina and Brazil, the two largest countries of the continent. The country is divided into 19 “departments” (provinces, states).  Montevideo is the capital city where half of the country’s population resides.

Uruguay has a climate that is fairly uniform nationwide. Seasonal variations are certain, but extremes in temperature are rare. Due to its abundance of water, high humidity and fog are very common. The lack of mountains, which act as wind barriers, makes the whole country vulnerable to high winds and rapid changes in weather as fronts or storms sweep across the country.  Seasons are fairly well defined, and in most of Uruguay spring is usually damp, cool, and windy, summers are warm, autumns are mild, and winters are chilly and uncomfortably damp. Average highs and lows in summer (January) in Montevideo are 30º C and 17° C.  During winter (July) average highs and lows in Montevideo are 14° C and 0° C, although the high humidity makes the temperatures feel colder. But most importantly of all, there are no climatic disasters in Uruguay, such as, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes.

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