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Lisbeth Mena
PO Box 6540-1000
San Francisco de Dos Rios, San Jose - Nicaragua

Phone: (+506) 2207-6900
Cellular: (+506) 8821-0990

Fax: (+506) 2207-6856

Full country name:
Republic of Nicaragua
130,373.4 km2 (50,193 sq mi)
Approx. 6,100,000
Major Industries
The top sectors that composed the GDP of Nicaragua are: Free zones exports, Agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing industries. The main Nicaraguan FOB export products are gold, beef, coffee, sugar and peanut, which represented about 64 percent of the total value.

Nicaragua is known as the land of “Lakes and Volcanoes”, its the largest country in Central America. The Nicaraguan lake “Cocibolca” is the largest body of fresh water in Central America. There are three geographical districts in Nicaragua, the Pacific plains, the mountainous northern and central regions and the Atlantic or Caribbean Plains, also known as “La Costa Mosquito”.The country is well known for its colonial cities that stand well preserved until today. Granada is one of the most beautiful representations of the colonial architecture and the oldest city in the western hemisphere.

Borders to the north with Honduras, to the south with Costa Rica, to the east with the Caribbean Sea and to the west with the Pacific Ocean.

Nicaragua has a diverse climate, due to the mountain chains that run diagonally through Central America from northwest to southeast. Nicaragua’s climate varies according to altitude. The Pacific lowlands are always extremely hot, but the air is fresh and the countryside green during the rainy season (May to November); the dry season (December to April) brings winds which send clouds of brown dust across the plains. The Caribbean coast is hot and wet; it can rain heavily even during the brief dry season (March to May). The mountains of the north are much cooler than the lowlands. The average annual temperature is 27° C (80° F).

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