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Carlos M. Heinemann
Homero 1425 - 1203, Col. Polanco, Del. Miguel Hidalgo
C.P. 11540, Mexico City, MEXICO - Mexico

Phone: (+52 55) 5262-5974
Cellular: (+52 1 55) 2653-4627

Fax: (+52 55) 5395-5978
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Full country name:  
United Mexican States 
Mexico City 
1,972,550 km2 (761,606 sq mi)
Approx. 120 million
Major Industries
Agriculture, Tourism, Mining, Manufacturing Industries and Services


Aztec ruins, tequila, bullfights and sombreros are as much part of Mexico as extended beaches, idyllic settings, impressive caves and extreme hiking. To describe Mexico in one sentence is almost impossible. Mexico is diverse in every sense of the word. Each corner of the vast country holds a unique aspect, colorful folklore, tantalizing recipes and contrasting landscape. As typical Latin Americans, Mexicans greatly and deeply enjoy dancing and music, as well as good food and drinks. Mexican culture is a blend of history, traditions and modernization. 

Mexico, located at the south of the North American continent with the United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south, forms a land bridge between North and South America. The Pacific Ocean is to the west, and the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

The winter season is a little bit dry but it is soft and moderate, the rainy season begins in May or June and lasts until October and generally consists on sunny mornings followed by rainy afternoons. Since México is at 2,240 meters above sea level, an adaptation period should be considered when first arriving.


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