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Maria Jose Caniz
3 calle A 23-63 zona 15 Vista Hermosa I
Edificio Verdino, 105B, Guatemala - Guatemala

Phone: +502 2293-6140
Cellular: +502 5555-4424

Fax: +502 2420-8070

Full country name
10,991 km2 (4,244 sq mi)
Approx 2.8 million
Major Industries
Coffee, Tobacco, Bananas, Sugar Cane, Metals and Oil Products, Pepper production, Cement Industry, Fertilizers and Textiles.

Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands and the largest island in the English-speaking Caribbean. Two thirds of its land is occupied by mountains that cross the country from east to west and more than a 100 rivers cross it.Its wealthy culture is known everywhere especially the reggae rhythm that has caused great impact in the arts, all of them representing expressions of hope, love, anger and social discontent. When referring to Jamaica, the emerald rain forests, waterfalls, and glorious beaches that rival any in the Caribbean come to the mind of everyone who has been there

630 km from the Central American continent, 150 km south of Cuba y and 180 km west of La Española island, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located.

Weather in Jamaica is tropical, it is usually warm and humid but it can be cooler in the mountain areas. Despite its location, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, it is not often affected by hurricanes like its neighbor islands. This is due to the wind originated in the Jamaican mountains which deviates hurricanes.

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