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Maria Jose Caniz
3 Calle A 23-63 zona 15 Vista Hermosa I
Edificio Verdino, 105B, Guatemala - Guatemala

Phone: (+502) 2293-6140
Cellular: +502 5555-4424

Fax: +502 2420-8070

Full country name
Republic of Honduras 
112,492 km2 (43,278 sq mi)
Approx. 8,000,000
Major Industry
Sugar, coffee, textiles, clothing, wood products, bananas, citrus, meat and shrimp.

Honduras, a country full of natural wonders with little-known historical and cultural charms. It has been described as “an unspoiled gem” whose many attractions are only now becoming widely known. Honduras offers not only verdant mountain peaks, but beautiful forests, lush tropical rainforests, mesmerizing waterfalls, and flowing white-water rivers. As a developing nation striving to increase its high-tech capabilities, it has already succeeded in establishing a broad tourism infrastructure. During the last decade, investors from all over the world have discovered that investing in Honduras really pays off.


Located approximately 1000 miles Southwest of Miami, Florida (USA) in the Central American Isthmus, Honduras has a border to the west with Guatemala, to the Southwest with El Salvador and to the East with Nicaragua. To the North lies the Caribbean Sea and to the South the Pacific Ocean.

There are two main seasons in Honduras: Summer is actually the dry season, and it is roughly from December thru May, and winter which is the rainy season is from June through November.

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