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Maria Jose Caniz
3 Calle A 23-63 zona 15 Vista Hermosa I
Edificio Verdino, 105B, Guatemala - Guatemala

Phone: (+502) 2293-6140
Cellular: +502 5555-4424

Fax: +502 2420-8070

Full country name:
Republic of Guatemala
Guatemala City
108,889 km2 (42,042 sq mi)
Approx. 15,800,000
Major Industries:
Sugar, coffee, textiles, construction, clothing, wood products, bananas, citrus, meat, shrimp, nontraditional agricultural products and tourism.

Guatemala “The Land of Eternal Spring”, is a country with much contrast and tradition, where the magic, color and adventure are not only seen but also felt. Guatemala offers attractions, with various destinations from which you may choose, depending on your interest. Despite its size, Guatemala has a great variety of climates that allow various ecosystems to exist, from the mangroves in the pacific to the cloudy mountain forests. Guatemala´s natural resources range from plant and animal species which are unique in the world to pre-Hispanic archeological remains, mainly from Mayan and Olmec cultures.


It is bordered by Mexico to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea and Belize to the east and El Salvador and Honduras to the southeast. The country is comprised of, towering mountains and majestic volcanoes, temperate plateaus, tropical lowlands, desert-like river valleys, and lowland jungles and swamps.


Weather conditions may vary from season to season and region to region. The dry season is from October to early May and the rainy season from late May until the end of September. Temperatures vary little during the year.

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