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El Salvador
Relocation Contact

Roberto Serrano
Calle Chaparrastique No. 34,
Urbanizacion Industrial Santa Elena, El Salvador - El Salvador

Phone: (+503) 2210-3200
Cellular: (+503) 7179-3812

Fax: (+503) 2210-3232

Full country name
Republic of El Salvador 
San Salvador      
21,044.8 km 2 (8,124 sq mi)
6.3 million
Major Industries:
Agriculture, Chemicals, Electricity, Fishing, Food Processing, Footwear, Forestry, Petroleum Products, Textiles and Clothing

El Salvador is a land of gentle people, superb beaches, beautiful lakes, magnificent volcanoes and delicious seafood. Visitors consider it to be the seafood capital of the Americas. Along the country’s Pacific Coast are miles of beautiful beaches, white sand and palm trees. In the high mountains, the lakes and the volcanoes are impressive. The Joya de Cerén archaeological site has appropriately been called “The Pompeii of the Americas”. This small Mayan settlement was flooded by volcanic ashes 1,300 years ago, leaving an eternal snapshot that provides a unique glimpse into the daily life of the enigmatic Maya.


El Salvador has a total area of 21,044.8 km2 being its limits as follows: to the north with Guatemala and Honduras, to the east with Honduras, the Gulf of Fonseca, and Nicaragua, to the south with the Pacific Ocean, to the west with Guatemala.


The climate generally remains constant year around. The rainy season is from May through October and the dry season from November through April. The average annual temperatures are a high of 80F, and a low of 64F.  (27º and 18º Celsius).

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