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Maria Elsie Luzuriaga
Av. de los Shyris N32-218 y Eloy Alfaro
Edificio Parque Central, Ofc. 708 , Quito - Ecuador

Phone: (+593) 2-382-3941
Cellular: (+593) 2-382-3942

Fax: (+593) 2-333-1676

Full country name
Republic of Ecuador 
283,560 km 2 (109,484 sq mi)
Approx. 16.19 million according to INEC (National Institution of Statistics and Census)
Major Industries:
Oil, bananas, shrimp, fish, coffee, textile, metal work, paper products, wood products, chemicals, plastics, fishing, lumber

Despite its tiny size, Ecuador is home to rain forests, mountains, islands, deserts, valleys, and snowcapped peaks. One of its main attractions is the Galapagos Islands and its marine reserve, which contains unique species. Quito the capital, an old Spanish colonial city, with beautiful valleys, friendly people and a landscape dominated by majestic mountains directly under the equatorial line, comprise the attractiveness of this modern town, declared by UNESCO in 1978 “Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity”.


Ecuador consists of four regions: the Coast, the Andes, the Amazon Region, and the Galapagos Islands. It’s located on the equator, in South America, which means that the territory is found on both hemispheres. On the north shares the border with Colombia, and at south and east with Peru.


Humid and tropical climate in the Coast and the Amazon Region. Also dry in the Andes. Ecuador has two seasons, the dry season from May to November and the rainy season from December to April. 

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