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Sofia Holmberg
Potosi 630 Oficina 12
Boulogne , Buenos Aires, Argentina 1609 - Argentina

Phone: (+54 11) 4708 0481
Cellular: (+54-9-11) 3073-0303

Fax: (+54-11) 4763-1232

Full country name
Argentine Republic
Buenos Aires
2,780,400 km2 (1,073,518 sq. mi)
Approx. 41 million
Major Industries:
Agricultural, Cattle, Oil

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest country in the world. Its population is unequally distributed among its provinces: approx. 60% of its population lives in the Pampas region (21% of its total area), including 3 million people in the City of Buenos Aires and 15 million people in the Province of Buenos Aires. Other highly-populated provinces are Córdoba, Santa Fe and Mendoza.Argentina is rich in natural resources, though at present its ability to maximize the potential of its fortune is hampered by current political and economic problems.

Argentina's culture is as rich and varied as its geography. Traditional Latin influences are complemented by strong western influences. As an example, Buenos Aires is considered an elegant city, with clear European influence.


Argentina is a federal republic in southern South America. It is situated next to Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather in Argentina is mild and it generally varies from sub-tropical in the north to sub-polar in the south. The seasons are the opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. 

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