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Counselling and assistance for all the different procedures necessary to enter Chile.

  • Study the immigration case.
  • Gather all the necessary documents.
  • Communicate the requirements to the expat.
  • Prepare power of Attorney.
  • Process visas.
  • Process working permits.
  • Register visa with the International Police Department.
  • Obtain (issuance) the national identification card (R.U.T. - cédula de identidad).

Integration services for the expat in Chile.

  • Orientation tours
    This service is oriented to introduce the expats and their families to their potential new location, before accepting the move. It provides an overview of the school, banking, and healthcare options and systems, as well as shopping and social activities in the area. And of course, the level of safety and security within the area.
  • Familiarization
    This service is aimed at familiarizing expats and their family with their new surroundings, covering neighborhoods, types of houses, schools, hospitals and clinics, etc., as any other questions they may have.
  • Transcultural
    Thorough orientation and introduction to the Chilean culture (values, attitudes, behaviors, customs, etc.), so that the expat and their family can acclimatize more rapidly.

Service designed to help the expat and their family to settle in Chile.

  • Guidance in buying and/or renting furniture, household items, etc.
  • Contract services such as cable TV, Internet connection, telephone, etc.
  • Information about car acquisition and/or rental and the corresponding records.
  • Information and assistance to obtain driving license.
  • Assistance to open bank accounts.
  • Insurances.

Counselling and assistance in the search, management, contract and housing administration according to the needs of the family.

  • Assistance in Housing Search

    • Search for the best housing alternatives for staying in Chile, either temporally or definitively.
    • Visit Scheduling.
    • Conducting in property viewings.
    • Inspection before the reception of the property.
    • Property delivery to the expat and their family.
  • Administration and Maintenance of Housing

    • Monthly rental payment, utilities and common expenses.
    • Search of providers for repairs, maintenance, fumigation and cleaning.
  • Administration and Maintenance of Housing

    • Service oriented to those people who leave their properties in Chile.
    • Housing inspection before the expat leaves Chile.
    • Selection and management of real estate agencies for house rental.
    • Payment rent verification.
    • Delivery of quarterly reports.
    • Coordination of providers for repairs and maintenance.

Guidance on the search for and choice of the best educational institutions for your family.

  • Search for kindergartens and schools, according to your family needs.
  • Search for school openings and arrangement of appointments.
  • Accompanied visits and arrangement of examinations.

Consulting service for spouses on jobs and other areas, so that they can get accustomed to Chile more easily.

  • Overview of work activity in Chile.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Information on resume format used in Chile.
  • Recommendation to employment agency.
  • Additional resources for spouse assistance, such as classes, workshops, sports, social work, etc.
  • Q&A session

Consulting and assistance services for expatriates and their family on their return to their country of origin or new destination.

  • Visa cancellation processing.
  • Settlement on public services (telephone, internet, cable TV, cell phone, etc.).
  • Assistance in settlement on pending services.
  • Assistance in closing of bank accounts and insurance policies.
  • Return of TAG (car toll transponder).
  • Assistance in term of rental agreement.
  • Organization of repairs and work before returning property.
  • Property inventory check-out.
  • Assistance in security deposit return.
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