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Antibribery & Anticorruption Policy

LARM USA Inc. is committed to combat bribery, extortion, fraud and corruption within our services and anything that could arise in the development of the daily activities. All partners and other interested parties, LARM USA Inc. requires to act in accordance with the principles and business practices and give example with their behavior.

No contributor may directly or indirectly participate, hide, sponsor acts of corruption or bribery to either public or private entities, both local and foreign.

Our business conduct is based on the commitment to act professionally, with justice and integrity and in this sense, we have established:

  1. The eradication of corrupt practices such as bribery/extortion:
    To ensure the transparency of all income and expenses equally ensuring that resources are applied efficiently.
  2. Provision and reception of gifts and hospitality:
    Any employee that is authorized to give gifts on behalf of LARM USA Inc., should only do so when it is deemed necessary by trade events, your issue will be properly controlled by the direction of the organization. The collection of commissions or any improper payment, which goes against the principles and ethics of the organization, made or received by the collaborators or any natural or legal person, done to the degree of obtaining some kind of influence in the initiation or in the preservation of a commercial relationship in which LARM USA Inc. takes part, will be completely rejected and sanctioned up to termination of contract.
  3. Detection and limitation of conflict of interest:
    Situations that may present a personal and corporate conflict of interest should be avoided; in the case that there is any situation we must inform the Management so that we can give an appropriate solution.
  4. Transparency compared to relations with political parties:
    LARM USA Inc. does not have any political distinction or preference, for which is left to the freedom of the collaborators its own selection; thus, prohibiting the realization of political proselytism within the organization.


Code of Conduct

  1. Our Employees much exercise care and discretion in handling personal data.
  2. Our company protects and respects the confidentiality of personal data, in all forms of media; in paper, verbal and electronic form.
  3. Our Company all information and intellectual property: Disclosure and use of the company information; both the customer’s and ours is restricted to authorized personnel only.
  4. Our employees must respect and comply with international, local laws and regulations.
  5. We follow laws that prohibit discrimination in employment practices wherever we do business.
  6. Receiving commission and/or gifts that would compromise the integrity of your work is not tolerated and violates our policy of not accepting any form of commission.
  7. Inducing an individual, or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly, will not be tolerated.
  8. Our company will not accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favor will be expected or implied.
  9. Our company will not facilitate payments to obtain a level of service which one would not normally be entitled to.
  10. Our company will not disregard or fail to report any indication of improper payments to the appropriate authorities.
  11. Our employees will not induce or assist another individual to break any applicable law or regulation.


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