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Latin American Relocation Management (LARM) is a leader in global mobility, providing dedicated support and custom solutions for people and businesses. For over two decades, we have been the first choice for corporate clients seeking expert assistance as they relocate to, from, and around Latin America and the Caribbean. With LARM, customers know they have ease, efficiency, and experience on their side.


We pride ourselves on being professional, cost-effective, and comprehensive in our approach to relocation support. Our greatest aim is to reduce the hassle and stress of moving to a new country, which is one of the biggest decisions that a person can make in their lifetime. LARM aims to make each transition easy—so that our clients can focus on their careers, their families, and what comes next.


Following a smooth transition to their home countries, clients often return to us again and again for ongoing assistance, support, and peace of mind.


The Story of LARM Group

LARM (Latin America Relocation Management) was created by a group of partners in the most prestigious Latin American Household Goods companies in Latin America. The founding fathers whom came up with the idea of LARM decided to include only the most elite and respected household goods companies that existed throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in order to have the best coverage and best representation.

In 1997, LARM was founded and established with 18 Shareholders, representing every Latin American country and a few Caribbean countries where a LARM office exists. These shareholders have been in the business from 30 to 60+ years now, some of them ranging from 2nd generation and 3rd generation owners. LARM, born nearly 20 years ago, not only represents its’ own brand, but more so was built on its’ parent companies brands that have been in existence for decades. Today, LARM is the only Relocation Management Company with it's own offices in every country of Latin America, in addition to many countries in the Caribbean.

LARM is represented and founded by true visionaries whom continue to grow their businesses and ideas forward. Their dedication, passion and perseverance is seen and embraced everyday in LARM, and is a strong part of our foundation.

Our Offices
Affiliated Network

LARM’s Affiliated Network consists of some of the most distinguished and established Household Goods Companies in Latin America. 
We are proud to present the following companies as part of our Network:


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